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Manufacturing SMEs

The pathway

greenSME aims to support manufacturing SMEs to become more sustainable and digitalised. This support comes in the form of a strategic pathway, enabling companies to assess their current situation, define an action plan, pair with sustainability and technology providers, receive training and eventually apply for funding.

The journey starts by registering in our greenSME Hub!


Step 1 - Self Assessment Tool

You can learn about your company’s sustainability performance with our free Self-Assessment Tool.

The tool starts by analysing how your company responds to external trends and sustainable development. The second part evaluates company management from the perspective of sustainability, supply chain, energy, materials and environment. The third section focuses on digitalisation and advanced technologies, and the fourth part identifies sustainability measures according to the three pillars: environment, social and economic.

You need to become a member of the greenSME community.  


Step 2 - The Action Plan

After you complete your self-assessment, you are ready to be paired with one of our experts and begin planning a project that can serve as a starting point for long-term sustainable operations and can work as a base for your Open Call proposal.

You can request online consultancy, in which an advisor assesses your results and works with you to determine actions that can be turned into a project.  The consultancy aims at finding and prioritising actions according to your company’s vision. It is an interactive process to navigate the following steps:

  • Get-to-know & introduction
  • Company profile & business model
  • Status quo analysis
  • Defining goals & scope
  • Developing an action plan

greenSME assigns advisors immediately after the self-assessment, who will contcat you. The Action Plan and the Self-Assessment are mandatory to apply for the open call.