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Manufacturing SMEs

The pathway

greenSME aims to support manufacturing SMEs to become more sustainable and digitalised. This support comes in the form of a strategic pathway, enabling companies to assess their current situation, define an action plan, pair with sustainability and technology providers, receive training and eventually apply for funding.

The journey starts by registering in our greenSME Hub!

Step 1 
Register in the HUB

Become a member of the greenSME community to access exclusive content and interact with peers. Register here.

Step 2 
Self-Assessment Tool

Learn about your company’s sustainability performance by answering a questionnaire and discovering your score. Start here.

Step 3 
Action Plan

Get support from our experts to elaborate an Advanced Sustainability Action Plan and start planning long-term sustainable operations.

Step 4

Search for sustainability and technology providers offering specific services in your country to support your green journey.

Step 5 
Open call

Pair with one or two sustainability and technology providers and apply for funding to implement part of your action plan (step 3).