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Expression of Interest

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Help us on the green journey by expressing your interest in becoming accredited by our project and integrating a list of Providers to support manufacturing SMEs in their pathway to sustainability.

If you are a Sustainability and Technology Provider working on:

  • Advanced Technologies: relevant to the industry.
  • Social Innovation: associated with business processes and social sciences applied to industry; 
  • Environment: topics linked with the ecosystem and environment. 

By joining the greenSME journey, you will benefit from training on sustainability, become eligible for the greenSME open call, deploy your solution in a real manufacturing environment, and dive into a pool of companies ready to implement your technology.  

You must be a member of our community and register on the F6S platform.

The Sustainability and Technology Providers fulfilling the above criteria are invited to the training and accreditation process, including the following steps: 

  1. The providers are invited to a private area on the F6S platform (accreditation cohort) open for two weeks.  
  2. greenSME makes available a training video or additional supporting material.
  3. The providers have two weeks to study the training material and answer a questionnaire.
  4. greenSME scores the questionnaire and notifies the providers via the F6S platform.
  5. Each provider has two attempts to pass the questionnaire. If they are not successful, they can re-submit their Expression of Interest again for the next cut-out date. 
  6. The providers that successfully pass the questionnaire are accepted and must complete their full registration on the greenSME Hub. As a result, they will be featured on the greenSME-accredited Sustainability and Technology Providers list. 

greenSME will maintain a list of accredited Sustainability and Technology Providers, where the manufacturing SMEs can search for appropriate suppliers to meet their needs.

Only greenSME accredited Sustainability and Technology providers are eligible to apply to the project’s open calls.  

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