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The greenSME Hub community is a multi-functional platform with three key elements: 

One-Stop-Shop: Find everything you and your company need, from networking events in your region to best practices and training opportunities.

Stakeholder Meeting Point: As a Member, you have a Company Profile outlining your needs and interests, allowing fast connections with the right Sustainability and Technology Providers. 

Members-only Features:  Members can access exclusive events and start their sustainability journey by completing the Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool. Members are also invited to our forum, fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange.

Registrations should be per company.

Go further in your development

… with a three-component concept.


greenSME understands that the road to sustainability can be long and complex. By allowing companies to address one of the three sustainability pillars below, the chances for successfully integrating a new Advanced Technology (AT) or social innovation increase.

  • Environmental: Reduced environmental impact through energy efficiency, material optimisation and water management.
  • Social: Establishment of worker upskilling opportunities to increase employability and efficient person-technology collaboration and governance reform for worker well-being. 
  • Economic: Ensuring profitability in the long-term without negative environmental and social impacts. 

Advanced Technology

The EU has identified 16 areas, known as the Advanced Technologies for Industry, which focus on technologies enabling industries to manage a shift to a low-carbon and knowledge-based economy successfully.

Social Innovation

Social innovation is addressed from a company perspective, focusing on delivering non-technological (organisational, interpersonal relations) solutions for sustainability challenges within a given company. For example, developing new management practices for more inclusivity and diversity.

The greenSME Hub covers three core areas in defining

The transition pathway

clean tech

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