Best cases: Renault Plant, Le Mance

Green solutions

Renault Group plant in Le Mans, France, is specialised in chassis parts for ICE, hybrid and electric vehicles. Read the full article on their initiatives and results on their webpage here. 

Green goalReduction of the company´s carbon footprint. The general Renault Group goal is 14% reduction in energy use by 2023. The local Le Mans Plant has implemented the following green initiatives to reach the goal:

  • Digital monitoring of the plant’s energy use

    • Use of an ultrasonic camera capable of detecting leaks
    •  designed their own software that compile identified leaks into a database, along with their intensity and cost in terms of lost energy and money
  • ‘24h of Energy’  an energy reduction competition between employees. Combined with general engagement of all staff in the digital monitoring system. 


Short term benefits 

  • Over 400 air leaks fixed
  •  savings of more than €100,000 
  •  15% reduction in use of compressed air
  • 70 ideas for further actions to reduce energy use

Long term impact

  • 11 % reduction of emissions from energy use
  • Engaged employees with new mindset

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