Behind the project with Tekniker

We had a chat with Tekniker’s team and the project coordinator of greenSME, to understand what it was like to run the project.

Tekniker's team
Tekniker’s team – Ricardo Romero, Oscar Revilla, Jaione Agirre.
  1. Tell us more about the very beginning of greenSME – the proposal, setting up the team, the excitement, and your very first impressions. 

TEKNIKER, in collaboration with industrial SMEs, developed our own smart and sustainable industry model, called Tekniker SustaINdustry, in 2019. This background and our aim to continue developing technological solutions for sustainability, push us to lead the project.  

  1. As project coordinator what do you think will be your biggest challenge? 

Boosting the innovation capacity of SMEs requires the involvement of the whole ecosystem. Hence, the greenSME Hub will be a space to share knowledge, generate new links, and look for synergies with ongoing initiatives. This is a challenge. 

  1. How do you think the greenSME project can make a difference in the manufacturing sphere and how, in your opinion, can the project help the EU achieve the green deal goal? 

GreenSME will support SMEs in their sustainability shift which is a mandatory issue to achieve the EU green deal goal.  Unfortunately, there is no unique recipe for sustainability. Each SME must develop its own path and greenSME will support them with a self-assessment tool, and with technology experts to define their tailored action plan.  

  1. What is the main result that greenSME will deliver? 

The project will provide a methodology that analyses the degree of development of sustainability practices and a method for defining a tailored Sustainability action plan. This methodology is valuable both for the SMEs and for the Clusters associated with the project, and other organizations related to sustainability. 

  1. Describe the project in one word. 

Sustainable and competitive Industrial SMEs.

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